Kazuki Koga×WIRELESS "TOM 4 LIFE" T-Shirt

from Kazuki Koga


Kazuki Koga×WIRELESSのTシャツです。PayPal決済、銀行振込のお客様はレターパック350での発送となります。銀行振込・商品代引きもご利用いただけます(別途手数料がかかります)のでその場合は kazukikoga0@gmail.com までメールでの受付となります。

Men S 65:48:20
Men M 68:50:20
Men L 71:53:21
Men XL 75:58:22
Women 61:41:15

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Kazuki Koga Montreal, Québec

Kazuki Koga is a Japanese electronic musician based in Montreal,Canada.

He was born in 1987 in Fukuoka,Japan and moved to Canada in May of 2015

As a teenager he learned to play a guitar and form and support some Nu-Metal Bands.

In 2009, He began to DJ in clubs and he began to make electronic music.

In 2013, He started to make GORGE MUSIC.
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