The Salathé Wall (Cassette​/​Digital)

by Kazuki Koga


Kazuki Koga's 3rd full "GORGE" album called "The Salathé Wall"
Released by Apothecary Compositions on Nov 20 2015

Special Thanks to:
Joseph Morris, Druid Cloak, GORGE.IN, ANAN.SI, Terminal Explosion, Booty Tune, Virgin Babylon Records, YesterdayOnceMore, POEM CORE TOKYO, ZODIACK, Purple Tape Pedigree, Melting Bot, ultrademon, KOKLIFE, Jeunesse Cosmique, No Exist, Fu-ten Club, Die-Gwin-Jaw, BURI BURI BROTHERS, SHAKTI ROCK GYM, Psychic City, family, friends and you.


released November 20, 2015



Kazuki Koga Montreal, Québec

Kazuki Koga is a Japanese electronic musician based in Montreal,Canada.

He was born in 1987 in Fukuoka,Japan and moved to Canada in May of 2015

As a teenager he learned to play a guitar and form and support some Nu-Metal Bands.

In 2009, He began to DJ in clubs and he began to make electronic music.

In 2013, He started to make GORGE MUSIC.
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